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One Click Dispatch and Invoicing

Welcome to My Virtual Fleet

  1. Make you more profit
  2. Designed for Brokers, Carriers and IC’s
  3. Brokers enter once and post to many load boards
  4. Broker load tracking using Google earth
  5. Carriers advertise your spare capacity
  6. Dispatch, Track, Notify, Invoice with one click
  7. MvF will save you time. Easy to use, from one driver to 500 drivers
  8. Brokers and Dispatchers have a Web Portal. Drivers have an app

Why use My Virtual Fleet ?

  1. Cloud based solution.
  2. Load Board, Dispatch, GPS Tracking live real time and Invoicing.
  3. Brokers can enter once and post to many load boards.
  4. Email status changes and en-route information to the Shipper, Broker or Carrier.
  5. Using Google Earth see  traffic and weather wherever your driver is.
  6. Sell you empty miles, spare capacity, dead headings.
  7. MvF will notify you when Insurance and  Registration documents expire.

Here is the deal !

  1. There is no contract.
  2. Drivers bring their own device (BYOD).
  3. You can see all your drivers live, in real time on a Google map. One click Skype them.
  4. Dispatch a job to your driver.
  5. Drivers get the job on their smartphone.
    1. Accept.
    2. Onsite for pickup, Loaded.
    3. Onsite for delivery, Delivered.
  6. Send e mail alerts every 15 minutes to 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours to any emails in the world.  
  7. The driver loads up their POD to the cloud.
  8. Invoice your customers on your letterhead.

The Details

No Contract

  • There is no contract for our service.  We are that confident about our Dispatch software.


  • Drivers bring their own device (BYOD). You can bet that they will take care of the device. The company does not have to replace their smart phones all the time. Our one customer saved over $26,720 in mobile hardware and dataplans for the year .
  • Drivers download our app either from the Apple Store or from the Playstore.
  • Drivers download our app for free. There is no charge.

Here is how it works!

  • Load up your Drivers.
  • Drivers get an e mail to their phone with the app link.
  • The Dispatcher gives them a username and password.

Independent Drivers  or Company Drivers

MvF can work with an IC who drives their own truck. MvF will also work with a company driver who drives a Reefer today and a Flatbed tomorrow.

Compliance Module

Included with MvF is a compliance module that will notify you if documents are good (green) about to expire (orange) and expired (red). You will see immediately whose paper work is about to expire. As an owner, you can manage by exception.

Live Availability Map

  • Drivers can make themselves Green or Red, Available or Unavailable on the App.
  • Dispatchers can then see live on a Google map location,vehicle type,spare capacity.
  • If it’s a driver from your fleet, you can see their details. Skype them.
  • If it’s somebody else’s Driver you can only see the Dispatcher’s information.
  • Each Driver is a Billboard for your company, your secret sauce is safe.  

Here’s the deal !

Drivers advertise themselves to their dispatchers.The Driver is making the decision, proving they truely are an IC. Dispatchers can also advertise their fleet.

The Best part !

Sending the Job to the App

When the dispatcher send the job to the driver. The driver will receive iot on their app. The app will notify them.

MvF will tell them “ You have a new Booking! “ The driver clicks on the booking and will get all the details of the job.

The Driver then accepts the job.  

Status Changes

Any 3 Emails

Our system can send out e mails in increments of 15 minute intervals. Customers can see where the driver is. They can see the traffic and the weather. Here the driver is going from Chicago,IL to Laredo,TX  1,195 miles. The Driver is in San Antonio and has 143.9 miles left.

Upload POD

From within the app the driver can take a picture of the BOL, POD, Insurance documents and upload them directly to the cloud against the Load you are doing.

Invoice your customers

Create an invoice using MvF.  Attach all your documents from the cloud.

Send your Invoice package by e mail, such as:-

  1. Signed Rate Confirmation Sheet
  2. Bill of Lading (BOL)
  3. Proof of Delivery(POD)
  4. Invoice
  5. All digital to facilitate faster paying.

Drivers update their status

Available/ Unavailable Accept the job Onsite for pickup Loaded

Onsite for Delivery Delivered Upload POD

One Click Invoice

With one click, create an invoice on your letterhead

Attach the  Rate Confirmation, BOL and POD.

Email to the customer or factor to get paid fast.

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