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Green Initiative

If all Carriers deposit their Back hauls, Dead Headings, Spare Capacity  on an easy to use Cloud System, which is simple easy and visually appealing, together  we can remove trucks off the road , reduce carbon emissions, utilize spare capacity and make super profits. 


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My Virtual Fleet (MvF) is a very Green Initiative.

MvF allows Dispatchers, Drivers and Independent Contractors to create a repository, list of :-  

  • backhauls
  • dead miles
  • spare capacity.

Carriers will be advertising their dead miles. Brokers will use the Dead Miles.

Result :

  • reduce the number of trucks on the road
  • decrease carbon emissions
  • make super profits for companies.


This is a Win-Win Situation for the Planet and Companies.


Dead Headings / Backhauls

The Pitch to the Carrier :

  1. Fifty percent of your business is going down the drain !
  2. Every time your truck goes out full, chances are  it comes back empty.
  3. What if we could use 10 % of that spare capacity ?
  4. That's 10% more revenue without adding any fixed costs.
  5. When your truck is empty on a backhaul who knows ?
  6. Who are you advertising your dead headings  to?


My Virtual Fleet will advertise your backhauls, dead headings to over 3,000 brokers. Up until now Dispatchers put backhauls onto their systems as an afterthought.  Dispatchers are the ones advertising backhauls.  


My Virtual Fleet (MvF) has simplified and decentralized the advertising of Backhauls. If your Driver uses our App,  they  can put on their own Backhauls on in seconds. Drivers are motivated to do extra work. They do not want to come back empty.



  1. There is no visibility of all available backhauls.
  2. There is not one consolidated system for Carriers to advertise backhauls.
  3. Currently Dispatchers are the only ones charged for trying to find backhauls.
  4. Backhauls are usually an afterthought.
  5. There are 1.2 million transportation companies in the USA.
  6. Ninety percent  of them are less than 6 trucks.  
  7. There is no manpower available to sell backhauls.
  8. Nearly all jobs are cost out with the backhaul being empty.
  9. Companies are nervous somebody could poach and steal their drivers.

How do we market sell more backhauls ?

1) We need to increase exposure of Backhauls - Mvf will do that.

  • Traditional way - Dispatchers put backhauls onto the web.
  • Revolutionary way - Drivers using the MvF App put backhauls on.

We have decentralized and made drivers put on their own backhauls. This will increase the number of backhauls tremendously.  It's much more efficient


2) We need to protect the driver's personal information - MvF will do that.  


3) Have an easy Booking system for backhauls - MvF will do that.


4) No Learning curve - Mvf will do that.


5) We need to make it affordable - MvF will do that.



Up until know backhauls were only visible to your own Dispatcher. What if 3,000 Brokers could see a visual map of all backhauls in the USA ? What if  there was quality and integrity in the information?  



  1. Drivers whether an IC or Company Driver can put on their own Backhauls.
  2. Dynamic visibility will ensure the Drivers privacy is protected at all times. If it's your fleet you can see the personal information. If it's not your fleet, you can only see the companies information.
  3. One easy common system that captures backhauls in an efficient, accurate and timely manner.
  4. Displays it in a usable manner for Brokers and Carriers  

Who are we ?

My Virtual Fleet is a satellite based service that uses inexpensive GPS, Google Earth, and Smartphone technologies to improve productivity in the transportation industry.  Up until now, these solutions have been reserved for large fleets and large budgets.


We are a Load Board, DeadHeading Board, Tracking, Notification and Compliance Solution. We use Google Earth and an Accounting module.  Stop using pen and paper or multiple systems.


If you are Broker, Carrier, Independent Contractor, or Driver we have a solution for you!

My Virtual Fleet is a One Stop Shop.

We are a one stop solution that will make more profit and save you time. Use all modules or only the module you want, you decide.


Never say no to a Load ! Utilize your Virtual Fleet.

My Virtual Fleet is the key to be successful in the new trucking economy.  Never say no to another load again. Leverage spare capacity in your trusted network of like minded carriers.    


An extra job ….

You have 10 drivers, there are all out on jobs. The phone rings from your biggest customer. You now have job number eleven.  They ask you do to a Load. You have no spare capacity.


What do you do ?

Post the job on your own Private Load Board and keep the job within your own network. Create your private trusted network using My Virtual Fleet  (MvF). Connect with qualified professionals, negotiate a rate and keep your customers happy.   Keep your trucks full and busy. Keep generating revenue.


Out of Area

Another job comes your way in an area where you have no trucks.


What do you do ?

Post the job on your own Private Load Board and keep the job within your own network. Never say no again. Don’t turn any jobs away. Create your private trusted network using My Virtual Fleet  (MvF). Connect with qualified professionals, negotiate a rate and keep your customers happy.   Keep your trucks full and busy. Keep generating revenue.


Using My Virtual Fleet, never say no again.

  • Our system is scalable from 1 driver to 500 drivers.
  • We are scalable to your customers demand in real time.
  • Leverage your competition in a safe trusting environment and still make money.  We call this Co-operative Logistics.  

Increase your fleet size without extra equipment, labor and marketing. Keep all your costs variable. Only invest in new equipment if you are sure the relationship will be long-term and profitable.Grow without adding more Risk



We are committed to integrate with the major software TMS and Load Boards in the market place. We have an API for our GPS tracking and status updates . We also allow brokers to enter once and post to many Load Boards.


Trusted Members

Anybody that comes onto our system has been vetted by Carrier411 . Our directory is linked into the S.A.F.E.R so you can look 1st hand their scores and reliability factor.  

Google Earth

We use Google Earth the Rolls Royce of tracking. You can see live Real time where your trucks are as well as the traffic and the weather. This quality information will get you more customers.   


Email Alerts

Your customers can get status updates and en-route notifications sent to them. They will see live real time the traffic and weather wherever the driver is. They can see the traffic and the weather.  


Never Stop Work - Associate members

A unique feature of our system is making sure that Brokers and Carriers never stop working.

If somebody is not on our system, you can create an Associate Member  and allocate the job directly to them. Associate Members are private to your company, nobody can get to those associate members.  


Inexpensive and very reasonable

We have no contract, BYOD,

Virtual Fleet

Nothing is more frustrating that having to enter data in 2 , 3 or 4 times in your company and then repeat it all again in the Carrier. This is very inefficient.


We have Cascade Booking.

With one click the Broker can allocate a job to a Carrier.

With one click the Carrier can allocate a job to a Driver / Independent Contractor.

All the pertinent information will arrive in the other members system


We have Cascade Tracking.

When the Driver's gets the job from the Carrier and the driver starts updating the status.The Carrier's system and the Broker's system will update automatically. Drivers status as well as enroute information is available to the Broker and Carrier.

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