ProEx has been using My Virtual Fleet for two years now with much success. We use this software to dispatch and track our expedited loads. We also use My Virtual Fleet with our brokerage division to find available carriers when needed. The system is great . Its easy to use. MVF gets the Carriers to respond at great prices.  In our business speed is everything, My Virtual Fleet is excellent . I would highly recommend it to any Broker looking to increase their fleet and available capacity.
December, 2018
Daniel Metro, COO 
ProEx Logistics
Phone: (832)470-4677
MC # 185127
DOT# 261847
Broker MC 563860
On Monday, I was informed that my access to a major load board, that I enjoyed through another carrier, would be coming to an end. I had received emails from My Virtual Fleet and decided to investigate. Within 15 minutes of calling, I was in a Webinar looking at a live shot of the system, including the load board. Being an Owner-Operator, my main item of need is the load board, which will make or break my business. I woke up Tuesday, 8 hours from home, and worried about getting a load to keep me moving. By 11:30am, I had secured two loads, one for that day and one for the next. The weight of the world lifted from me!  
Being a small business owner, I will be climbing uphill for the foreseeable future, but within one day of purchasing My Virtual Fleet, I secured enough business to pay for two years of the site. My experience won’t be everyone’s experience, but I feel lucky that I responded to Sam’s email and gave the site a chance.  I look forward to learning more about the system and, hopefully, offer ideas to make it better for Carriers and Drivers. 
Upson Supply Chain Solutions, LLC
Brent Upson
December, 2018
Phone: (806) 412-8799
USDOT 3132785
MC 94079
MVF is the ONLY load board anyone with a Straight Truck, Cargo Van, or sprinter van needs. I’ve tried various other load boards-with the promise of being “Sprinter friendly”- to only be greatly disappointed at the lack of loads for my Sprinter based courier company. Once I stumbled upon MVF platform I was sort of skeptic of it, since I’d wasted hard earned money on other platforms, but after my free consultation with REAL TIME example of the load board I WAS SOLD! The loads were plentiful with NEW loads from very reputable companies EVERY 15 minutes! With MVF I’ve also gained personal contracts with shippers that have catapulted my income by 80%. Thanks MVF!!
VENTAGE Expediting & Logistics
Herbert “H.B.” Waters
December, 2018
Phone: 770.310.9699
USDOT 3032205
MC 40004
As an expediter your options are limited when seeking LTL loads on most loading boards. It is very difficult to find consistent LTL loads less than 3000 lbs on a traditional loading board. My Virtual Fleet is customized specifically for LTL loads. My Virtual Fleet provides steady loads on the daily basis. The ease of use, functionality, and features are far more superior than any other load board we've tried to date. Ultimately, My Virtual Fleet's portal is very user friendly. The MVF portal allots for customization of settings based on the current business needs. In addition to that if you run into any obstacles Sam Munitz is very hands on with his customers. 
Tahirah Sumbry
Globalus, LLC

November, 2018

Phone: (770) 733-2664
USDOT 3159968
MC 112129


We have Straight truck's, 26 Footers. We carry general freight throughout the USA. Before signing on with My Virtual Fleet Inc. we were challenged to find LTL loads. However, that changed immediately once we subscribed to My Virtual Fleet Inc.

We went from one Truck to several Trucks in just a few weeks. My Virtual Fleet Inc. and our Reputation are a winning combination. 

My Virtual Fleet is outstanding and superior when it comes to finding expedited loads for cargo vans, sprinters, straight trucks and 53’ Vans. 

Sam Munitz the founder of this super system has given us excellent support. Whether it’s through phone, email, text and video. Sam will hold your hand and make sure you understand .  He will give you a tutorial with a live demo and training on how this amazing system works.  Sam will not stop giving you this tutorial UNTIL you find essential loads!!  

There are 1,000's of loads throughout the country . I am confident you will be repeating my words “BEST MONEY WE COULD HAVE EVER SPENT”We have tried multiple loading boards, but nothing to compare to My Virtual Fleet.

My Virtual Fleet also provide an App that allows you to operate your business more efficiently.  The app allows GPS Tracking and Dispatch and Truck availability. Thanks Sam for taking our business to the NEXT LEVEL !

Sept, 2018

Bilal Farakhan
Wing 7 Trucks Houston, LLC
Houston, TX 77057
Phone: (281) 706-8774
USDOT 3103709 MC 78954

My name is Peter Mariga president and owner of A3P LOGISTICS GROUP LLC in Indianapolis, IN. We have been in business since 2014 and it was not until we signed up with My Virtual Fleet Inc. We have experienced a monumental growth in our business.
My life has drastically changed from answering calls all night as brokers needed updates to tracking the driver locations. My Virtual Fleet Inc.  is the best thing so far that has happened to the growth of my company and I would recommend to any small and growing transportation and brokerage companies.
Aug 2018
USDOT # 2525840
MC # 877368
ph: 317 5023690 

I have several cargo vans , straight trucks so I was looking for an expedite website, and is the answer . There are so many loads it's like raining on me. Amazing website and the administrator Sam, has all the patience to take your questions to guide you through the website

September 6, 2018


IExpedite have been using My Virtual Fleet and as a small Canadian-based business, we find it to be one of the best load boards that we have used, especially for sprinter vans. Sam was very helpful and informative from day one with great ongoing customer support. We are able to get consistent loads throughout North America and have made several key relationships with brokers. If you are struggling as a carrier, definitely give it a try! You have so much to gain. Excellent system.

July 19, 2018

Vince and Mario
ph (980) 349-0750
USDOT Number: 3070191

Since we joined MyVirtualFleet our business has grown measurably week over week.  The number of loads that are posted on the board daily affords us the opportunity to maximize our assets we have on the road.  It truly has been a goldmine for us!

Frank Mazzola - Chief Operating Officer 
USDOT # 2958422
MC # 3239
ph: (201) 623-3404
June 2018
We recently signed on with MVF as a Motor Carrier and I must say it is by far the best dispatching/tracking system on the market for our industry and one of the best decisions I could have made!
It is very simple to use once you get a grasp on how everything works and where everything is located within the system. Besides the dispatch/tracking this also comes with load board included with many large freight brokers across the nation.
We specialize in expedited freight running cargo/sprinter vans and I have to say there are 1,000's of loads daily being posted that are available at our finger tips.
Overall I am very happy with this system and the customer service is fantastic. Whenever we have a question we get a fast response which is great. The price to have a system that you can use for dispatch/tracking/load board basically an all in one system is very affordable and MVF understands the importance of keeping costs down for us so we can operate our business successfully.
This is by far a 5 star system! Give MVF a try you will be glad you did.
Kind Regards  
Dynasty Transport
JD Larson

March 2018

MC # 964870

 My Virtual Fleet has been the 12th man on the field helping us to operate our small business much like a large trucking company. This app has all the bells and whistles for the Carriers and the drivers. The ability to upload docs is a plus. What I value most is the great personal customer service.
Thanks from Executive Trucking LLC Management
Tabatha R.  Fields

April 2018

US Dot # 2892158

MC # 990025


We are very happy with My Virtual Fleet Inc. We are a new, smaller company. This has helped us get new Customers and makes our Drivers very happy. The tracking system works fantastically and our customers love their email updates.

The customer service is superb! Sam always checks in to make sure we are happy with the board and asks if there is anything he can do to improve it. Overall it has been the best load board we have signed up with. It is also very cost effective.

March 2018

Faylene Luebke


MC # 59027

FMB Express
P: 1.262.320.4045

My Virtual Fleet is a great system!!!
Especially for small or new carriers who don't have the luxury of a back office and the extra bonus of being very affordable.

We can do everything from the road. Bidding, Tracking, Uploading Shipping Documents and most importantly, invoicing your customers within minutes from delivery. Looking forward to growing our company with the help of "My Virtual Fleet"

Feb 2018

John & Janet Northington
Escargo Express LLC.

Tel (314) 803 9466 

MC#  038339

My Virtual Fleet is definitely the real deal.  My Virtual Fleet have increased our fleet size with new qualified carriers every month.  Their team is easy to work with, very responsive and can get to carriers in hard to reach areas at great prices. 

I have been in the transport business for the last 20 years. My Virtual Fleet is the real deal. I would highly recommend them. 

Dec 2017

Peter Haljean  

Station Owner (MDW) MC # 600225

Platinum Cargo Logistics LLC

Plainfield, IL

My Virtual Fleet has been a great game changing tool for my broker and carrier businesses. As many have done, I struggled being new. After your training, within 35 minutes looking at load board via email, BOOM! First bid first load! 

Have been busy ever since then!  I recommend MVF to drivers I meet because if they had MVF, they wouldn't be camped out in drivers lounges waiting like lump on a log!
Thank you again Sam.

Nov 2017

Earl Diehl, Diehl Logistics LLC MC # 592327

Diehl Logistics LLC. 

Madison, WI 

I got two loads same day I signed up I was so excited. This is a very good system.  There are lots of loads all over the USA.  My drivers do not need to wait very long.

They specialized in Cargo Vans and Box trucks.
There is always someone available for customer service and they will get back to you the same day.

Sept 2017


Almaz Dedic, Owner MC# 740781

Southern Freight Express Inc.


I honestly could not be any happier. No more waking up in the middle of the night because a broker is asking for a location update, this app sends both of us an email every hour with their exact location. When I receive a load, I put the details in the computer and they get a message saying where they're loading and delivering. All they have to do is press a button and everyone gets updated.

This is a genius idea. I'm ready to finally get some sleep at night knowing that MyVirtualFleet has me covered.

Great customer service, whenever I have a question they answer the phone and answer any question I have. I'm truly satisfied.

August 2017

Rey Dzeko  

Dispatch/Safety Manager 

Speed Carriers, LLC

Greenville, NC   MC 784717

My Virtual Fleet is revolutionizing the expediting industry. As power brokers, this software makes our lives much, much easier while allowing 100% A-Z transparency to our customers.

April 2017
Eric Hoppe Director of Operations 
Specialized Global Logistics.
802 Willow Run Airport, Ypsilanti, MI 48198

I posted a few loads today on Sylectus then on your site, My Virtual Fleet. I received more bids from your posting than on Sylectus. Just wanted you to know you're doing a great job on this. Hopefully you can have more brokers post jobs on your site so you can expand. 

Feb, 2017
Joshua C. MezzacapoPrincipal
National Logistics Network, LLC
Erie, PA  16512 U.S.A


The zip code to zip code and minimum required fields solution is great. I am impressed with My Virtual Fleet's ability to be flexible and provide almost on the fly solutions.

The load board has provided a new location to source capacity and so far these carriers are of better quality in terms of professionalism and experience.

If we had a need to use the included TMS I would not hesitate since it surpasses  many others I have used in this industry. I can tell it was built with  the expedited and courier market in mind

Keep up the great work . You really have something outstanding here.

May 2017
Ryan Smith   
R & R Express Logistics inc
MC #'s 297351 / 686931

Great app. Great system to grow your business. Awesome people to work with!


May 2017
Clayton Ramsden ,Owner 

The best app we've seen to date, Amazing functionality. Tremendous time and financial savings!!

April 2017
Rodney Mathis
In Hoc Logistics