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My Virtual Fleet is a wonderful service to use if you are in the expedite/ hot shot industry. We signed up to use this platform over a year ago and had a great experience. Sam Munitz was awesome in his training. For me, this was the most valuable experience I had. He taught us what proper bids were in the industry, and how to get connected with brokers. This was the first step that we took in getting our company up and running and it will forever be valuable. The broker relationships we made through MVF is something that we still have going strong today! Thanks Sam for your help in jump starting our business!

Giana Court
Field Support Manager


615-246-7779 Ext. 103

1124 4th Ave. Nashville, TN 37210

January 2023

AAA Delivery Service is a leading same-day courier company based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Founded in 1995

Recently, we decided to expand our business into the freight transportation industry and needed a reliable load board. After researching various options, we came across My Virtual Fleet and decided to sign up for a live demo. The presentation we received from Sam was detailed and easy to understand, and all our questions were answered. Based on the demo, we decided to give it a try.

Six months later, we are still using My Virtual Fleet and couldn't be happier with our decision. The user interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it easy for us to stay organized and find loads. Additionally, the brokers we've worked with through the platform have been extremely professional and easy to work with. My Virtual Fleet has been a valuable asset to our business and has helped us to grow our freight transportation operations. We highly recommend My Virtual Fleet to any business in the industry looking for a reliable and efficient load board."

AAA Delivery Service & Logistics
Phone (817) 773-1452
January 2023

We started a business one year ago, the main step was to find a good load board. After further researching we came across My Virtual Fleet, and signed up for a live demo. Presentation we received from Sam was detailed and very simple. All questions were answered and immediately after a demo we decided to give it a shot.

One year later we are still in business and still working with My Virtual Fleet. Other than its user friendly, I have to say that all brokers that we have worked with so far are extremely pleasant and easy to work with.

Thew 11 line item bid does work wonders and eliminates all the back and forth emails between you and a broker. Also, any concerns, questions, issues you might have Sam is the person to go to. He is always there to give you a quick phone call or send you an email if needed, he will also point you in a good direction to make sure you stay in business and on a good track. If you want to achieve your goals, good communication skills can indeed lead you to your success, thanks

Maja Jaric
Jaric Express, Inc
Phone (904) 294-2781
December 2022 has been around for over ten years now, and the feedback we receive from Independent Contractors is always positive.  No griping, no complaints, ever.  

I point this out because the same cannot be said about Load Boards that tend to focus on Big Rigs vs the smaller units.

The My Virtual Fleet positive user testimonials on the website appear sincere regarding the quality of loads received, and inhouse we can confirm via Insurance Cert requests the frequency of those loads.

That says something about the ease of use on Sam Munitz's Web Portal platform and Mobile App. It’s a simple Smart Phone system that uses GPS and Google Earth to provide load board, deadhead board, tracking, notification and compliance solutions. 

The Broker side allows for personalized and private segmenting that is similar to other major load boards...see the My Virtual Fleet Broker YouTube.

Driver or Carrier, if you’re looking for a straightforward easy and affordable solution to get loads for Cargo Vans, Sprinters or Straight Trucks, I believe it’s worth your time to check out

Commercial Insurance Solutions Inc.
Shelly Benisch, CIC, TRS
Tel : (330) 864-1511
November 2022 

After telling my partner for almost 2 months that we should invest in and commit to MVF, I finally talked him into sitting in on the demo. He was sold almost immediately! We've been subscribed to other load boards for months and just haven't seen the results we expected from this business. Our authority is almost 6 months old, we get great feedback from brokers on our work...but we just haven't felt the success we know we deserve from our hard work and diligence. Booking loads for Sprinters on load boards that are more focused on straight boxes and large vans has been next to impossible. Sam's demo was clear-cut, straight to the point, and VERY easy to understand; he makes the process as seamless as possible. The website is easy to set up and use; within 4 hours of finishing the demo and making a commitment to invest in ourselves, we had our first load BOOKED! That was confirmation enough for me. The jobs are plentiful on the load board, emails have been coming in with more available jobs--and it's still the weekend! I can already see our business turning around, I'm so excited about our future with My Virtual Fleet! I'd recommend it to anyone looking to start or grow their business!

Essence Alston

E 2 Trucking LLC

dba E 2 Logistics

August 2022 

I can tell you after SIGNING UP with MVF is this is the best load board out there hands down.. Sam teaches you everything you need to know on the live demo. The load board is very user friendly & there are always available loads.

Cedric Townsend
MC# 1373213
USDOT# 3808097

Midwest Miles LLC.
St. Paul, MN.
Office: 612-219-6054

March 2022 

Hello, If you’re looking for a better load board, go sign up with “MY VIRTUAL FLEET “ everything you need will be in a simple, clean appears on the front page of the site.  It’s a great load board I been using it for 5 months now . And believe me you will not regret cause you will get a load everyday from the site. And So far it’s been a great opportunity for me, making great money and good brokers, great communication from anyone. Also any help you may need contact SAM he will always be there to assist with any of your help you may need with. Very responsive guy. Have nice day!

Alpha Diallo
(515) 724-9037

Feb 2022 

My Virtual Fleet is a load board with awesome features and support. Sam Munitz is your go to guy for anything dealing with the MVF. I have been using his System for a few years and it's has really helped my profit my business profit like no other.

The system also has a educational webinar that explains how to use the system and teaches what you need to win loads and  how to win making plenty, plenty money. PROFIT LIKE A ROCKSTAR!

Again big Shout out to my Virtual Fleet for keeping me alive and moving.

Tarrence Hall
Behemoth Transportation Solution LLC
MC 72343
DOT 3091166

Dec 2021

My Virtual Fleet is a great system to use I have been using it for 3 months and done over 20 jobs that's a great feeling for me since I'm a new authority.

It was surprising to me how quickly I've started off especially since they give you a template to follow .

I'm one to say I've tried doing it my way at first didn't work and soon as I used theirs template I started to get more responses and won a lot more bids.

Rapid Dropoff Transportation LLC
MC #: 1218814
Tel : 3475515417

August 2021

Thank you for showing me the business I still have yet to fully utilize the app but over the past 8 months I have exceeded well over the expectations starting out from just a Sprinter now I have 2 Sprinters and 3 Box Trucks. Thanks to My Virtual Fleet I am running strong. My Virtual Fleet has made me more profit.

F1rst Priority Transportation & Freight Services Llc

Majuan Bates
MC # : 1123300
Tel Number: 314-853-4450

July 2021

Thank you so much for all of your help! We have been My Virtual Fleet users for nearly 9 months now. Thanks to your amazing guidance and the access that MVF provides, we have grown our revenue every month since we have used your services. The key is to follow the system! The system you have in places works, if you work it EXACTLY! When we started our MC was less than 90 days old and we were barely breaking even at times. Within 30 days of using My Virtual Fleet, we were profitable! Every month since, we have been able to add an additional unit to our fleet! We can’t thank you enough! Based upon your guidance, we have had companies tell us how much they enjoy working with us, we are definitely not a mom & pop, or 2 guys in a van !

Cole & Dana Wilson
Pristine Connections LLC

June 2021

My Virtual Fleet is a game changer!! I have a new MC and a cargo van dimensions 108x62x48. It was hard to find loads and keep it moving before my virtual fleet.They are available to answer questions and help along the way. They teach you how to bid and guide you along the way. Definitely a good investment and worth it.

Rebecca Hutchison
WTF express llc.
MC 1123251
Tel (920) 450-9988

April 2021

Sam at My Virtual Fleet has developed my favorite app for dispatching. I finally can sleep through the night with  again with updates being sent automatically like they’re supposed to. There are loads available to be booked on the app as well. His customer service is unlike anybody else’s should we have any issues which is rarely.

We’ve been using this software for 5 years and will continue use as it is integral to our businesses success for many years to come. Thank you and we would recommend this to all companies! 

Rey Dzeko 
January 2021
Speed Carriers, LLC
MC 784717
Tel      252-367-8885
I've been using My Virtual Fleet for over a year now and I must say I don't think we would be where we are without their load board. I can't thank Sam enough for guiding me how to use the website correctly and expand our business. I remember the day after of signing up loads were already being booked. My Virtual Fleet has a lot to offer and I always will be apart of them. We run straight trucks and there are many loads every week day. 
I highly recommend virtual fleet without hesitation to anyone considering about joining with them.
Megan Andes
Avelar Trucking, LLC
Tel- 973-452-7559
January 2021
My company, JCJ Transport, joined My Virtual Fleet on November 1, 2020, after having my authority for only two months.  I followed the instructions provided by Sam from his Demo and all of the templates that he provided verbatim, thus leading to my company being approved by the following companies:  Nolan Transportation Group, Landstar, and OTR.  I am also in the process of being approved by S-2 with one outstanding document.  I could not have imagined being approved this quickly with only having my MC active for less than two months.
Thanks to Sam and My Virtual Fleet, JCJ Transport is well on it's way!
Jeff Chapman
MC #: 1121536
Tel Number: 813-508-2112
Dec 2020

Three months ago I joined  My Virtual Fleet with one Cargo Van. We were in the middle of the Coronovirus lock down.  It was a bumpy start and I was nervous at first . I followed the course the way Sam instructed, step by step, along the way it worked out great! I now have grown to 7 cargo Vans on the road and business is doing great.

I highly recommend My Virtual Fleet as the way to go to get your business up and running on the right track to success.

Thanks a million Sam and MyVirtualFleet!!!

A n M Transportationfl
July 2020
Miguel Rodriguez
Phone: 954 662 8063

I've been working with My Virtual Fleet for about 2 years. When I first signed on Sam was hands on guiding me though step by step. I've established some great rapports with brokers by working with My Virtual Fleet. Even through this horrible pandemic My Virtual Fleet kept my business going. I highly recommend this service.

Latonya Fuller
tel: 336-987-7317

KR&L Logistics Inc
MC #:156953

July 2020
We joined MVF a year ago. Best decision we ever for our company. MVF has been the gap merger for our company to available freight for the cargo vans when we assumed there was no freight out there. We are grateful that a platform such as MVF exists. Our company revenue has soared because of this platform. I would like to personally thank you Sam.
Road Runnerz Transportation Service
MC 101300 
Pierre and Alysha
phone: (954) 399-3312
May 2020

I’ve had My Virtual Fleet for almost a year and a half now. It’s the only load board that I use. I couldn’t imagine my business without it. They have loads in every state. With it, I’m able to increase revenue and build lasting relationships with brokers. It’s the only load board I trust to keep my business running.
Thank you,

Govin Rattanlal
Jasper Shearer’s Logistics
MC 122299
Telephone: 404 610 6674

Feb 2020

With My Virtual Fleet, finding available loads have never been easier. Like many Box Truck and Cargo Van companies, I too find it very challenging to find a solution whereby consistent loads were available. In addition to the available loads, the training, the support and all of the tools readily available made my decision a very good decision of becoming a client of MVF. I strongly recommend My Virtual Fleet to any company that is looking for work for Box Trucks and Cargo Vans. Great Job MVF!

Sean Fuller
Director of Sales & Operations

MC# 1071532

Jan 2020


Peter Bora
Phone: (480) 267-5191

24423 75TH ST,
SALEM ,WI ,US ,53168

Jan 2020

We have used MVF for 3 days now and got our first load on the 2nd day. The tutorial was interactive and very informative. We hit a snag with our emails on the 3rd day and I emailed Sam who called and fixed it right away. We look forward to a long working relationship with MVF.

Liz Kahura
OneZ Enterprise
MC # 1052168
USDOT # 3311840

Tel: 214-661-0463

Dec 2019

As a new carrier I knew I would have to take some risks in order to grow my business, well, there is just nothing risky about MVF.  
Yes I was hesitant, skeptical even, as a new business owner should be when allocating his/her budget, but I took a leap of faith and rolled the dice.
That was almost two years ago and here we are today:  Not only did I make it past the treacherous first six months of authority, but my business has grown way beyond my expectations.
In addition to getting loads from MVF, I was also able to recruit amazing owner operators, make some critical business connections, grow my exposure and capacity all without any real effort, even made some new friends.  So, a huge thank you Sam, I appreciate all the hard work you do to make this platform so available.
Danijel Krajisnik
Conti Trans LLC
MC # 88528

Dec 19 2019

At Direct Expedite, we love the service we get from MyVirtualFleet.  All the carriers that contact us to be set up as preferred carriers are of the highest quality, AND – When we post a load, 80% of the carriers that respond to us are MyVirtualFleet carriers.  A great tool for our entire staff.

Nov 24 2019

I want to thank you for My Virtual Fleet. We have been using this for quite a few years and it has become a large part of the service that we give to our customers.

Not only do they appreciate the service but they now expect it. Not only that but we also have gotten used to the time that we save and how things are now much more efficient.
Thanks again Sam for everything!

Peter C. Heaviland

Midwest Transportation Services
MC - 666618

Fax (888)-231-1994

Sept 2019

Thank You Sam for making Virtual Fleet possible. Adding Virtual Fleet as a tool to our company has taken us to another level. This tool has opened us up to many customers and now we have a customer base all across the country. Having Virtual Fleet available has opened us up for more loads which in turn means more revenue. My Virtual Fleet is a very easy platform . Our customers love that we can set the auto tracking updates and send straight to their emails and I love it that we now no longer get calls for an update at 2am.  Thanks !

Buckeye Express,Inc 
MC # 538140
Jon Partlow

September 2019

To everyone out there that is it skeptical don’t be. I’ve been using My Virtual Fleet Inc. for over two years now, and I’ve made nothing but money by using it. Virtual fleet is as good or even better then some of the other site, and the price can’t be beat.
Thank My Virtual Fleet Inc.
Dustin Kendrick     
DK Shipping

Tel: 815 590 0176

MC 44870
Dot # 3041503

Aug 2019

With MVF, booking has never been easier. This software definitely lightened our load--no pun intended. From booking to invoicing, MVF helped me get a strong hold on my operation. The drivers app is a great perk too.  No more having to update brokers manually. Its all made super easy right from the start of booking the load. By automating en route updates, I haven't had a customer call me overnight since I signed up. It is truly awesome. We now  have seamless communication with drivers through the app that has definitely increased our bottom-line. Not only has the software made running the business easier, its making us more money as well!!

Tammi Bell

911 Expedite Inc.

4060 Peachtree Rd. Ste A122

Atlanta, GA 30319

O: 833-233-2211

July 2019

Hand's down the best fleet Management system I've ever used. My Virtual Fleet got me connected with many new brokers and helped me grow my business.

MVF had paid for itself several times over right away by getting me bid's I never would have seen otherwise. The system is extremely easy to use, Sam was helpful with everything I needed right away.

I was going to sign up just for the load board but then ended up using other included features that save me time and money. MVF is worth every penny.

Jeff Barlett - Owner
Global Skimmer Logistics LLC
TEL :(214) 918-0575
Dallas TX

MC # : 1006235
DOT #:3208738



May 2019

Signing up with My Virtual Fleet allowed us to connect with transportation partners across the expedited industry. The many features and price make it a sensible value in this increasingly competitive market. Outstanding customer service and useful tips from Sam allowed us to hit the ground running. We value our subscription and couldn't be more happy with the connections we were able to make while using My Virtual Fleet.

Thanks again! -Val @ Dayspring Logistics, LLC

Val Karpitsky
Operations Manager
Dayspring Logistics LLC

O: (704) 444-0264 ext. 110 | M: (719) 650-3020 | F: (704) 444-0367

May 2019

MyVirtualFleet is the best board that have ever used in my business. Our business is made up of smaller types of truck sprinters, box trucks and straight trucks. It has TONS of loads for these types of trucks and they are good paying loads also. We have stopped using other load boards and just sticked to this one.  The GPS is a very good tool both for dispatch and for brokers to see where trucks are.  The drivers are happy that I don’t have to call in to see where their location is. OUR COMPANY LOVES THIS LOADBOARD!

Izabela Parczynski       



February 2019

Since we have been using MVF, our entire operation has been streamlined and improved.  Drivers get load details and customers receive hourly updates at all times of the day.  Dispatching has been improved by the system as well.  Anything you can think you would need in a system, MVF has it.  On top of all the great functions, the owner Sam Munitz is always available and gets back to you in a timely manner if you have a question or concern.  What you get out of the system far out weighs the cost.  Thanks Sam for helping our business in so many ways.  
January, 2019
Craig Hulm
Metro Express AmericaInc.
B- 877-SHIPMEA 877-632-5623
B/C- 612.221.3635
F- 866.936.7954
ProEx has been using My Virtual Fleet for two years now with much success. We use this software to dispatch and track our expedited loads. We also use My Virtual Fleet with our brokerage division to find available carriers when needed. The system is great . Its easy to use. MVF gets the Carriers to respond at great prices.  In our business speed is everything, My Virtual Fleet is excellent . I would highly recommend it to any Broker looking to increase their fleet and available capacity.
December, 2018
Daniel Metro, COO 
ProEx Logistics
Phone: (832)470-4677
MC # 185127
DOT# 261847
Broker MC 563860
As an expediter your options are limited when seeking LTL loads on most loading boards. It is very difficult to find consistent LTL loads less than 3000 lbs on a traditional loading board. My Virtual Fleet is customized specifically for LTL loads. My Virtual Fleet provides steady loads on the daily basis. The ease of use, functionality, and features are far more superior than any other load board we've tried to date. Ultimately, My Virtual Fleet's portal is very user friendly. The MVF portal allots for customization of settings based on the current business needs. In addition to that if you run into any obstacles Sam Munitz is very hands on with his customers. 
Tahirah Sumbry
Globalus, LLC

November, 2018

USDOT 3159968
MC 112129

We have Straight truck's, 26 Footers. We carry general freight throughout the USA. Before signing on with My Virtual Fleet Inc. we were challenged to find LTL loads. However, that changed immediately once we subscribed to My Virtual Fleet Inc.

We went from one Truck to several Trucks in just a few weeks. My Virtual Fleet Inc. and our Reputation are a winning combination. 

My Virtual Fleet is outstanding and superior when it comes to finding expedited loads for cargo vans, sprinters, straight trucks and 53’ Vans. 

Sam Munitz the founder of this super system has given us excellent support. Whether it’s through phone, email, text and video. Sam will hold your hand and make sure you understand .  He will give you a tutorial with a live demo and training on how this amazing system works.  Sam will not stop giving you this tutorial UNTIL you find essential loads!!  

There are 1,000's of loads throughout the country . I am confident you will be repeating my words “BEST MONEY WE COULD HAVE EVER SPENT”We have tried multiple loading boards, but nothing to compare to My Virtual Fleet.

My Virtual Fleet also provide an App that allows you to operate your business more efficiently.  The app allows GPS Tracking and Dispatch and Truck availability. Thanks Sam for taking our business to the NEXT LEVEL !

Sept, 2018

Bilal Farakhan
Wing 7 Trucks Houston, LLC
Houston, TX 77057
Phone: (281) 706-8774
USDOT 3103709 MC 78954

I have several cargo vans , straight trucks so I was looking for an expedite website, and is the answer . There are so many loads it's like raining on me. Amazing website and the administrator Sam, has all the patience to take your questions to guide you through the website

September 6, 2018

We recently signed on with MVF as a Motor Carrier and I must say it is by far the best dispatching/tracking system on the market for our industry and one of the best decisions I could have made!
It is very simple to use once you get a grasp on how everything works and where everything is located within the system. Besides the dispatch/tracking this also comes with load board included with many large freight brokers across the nation.
We specialize in expedited freight running cargo/sprinter vans and I have to say there are 1,000's of loads daily being posted that are available at our finger tips.
Overall I am very happy with this system and the customer service is fantastic. Whenever we have a question we get a fast response which is great. The price to have a system that you can use for dispatch/tracking/load board basically an all in one system is very affordable and MVF understands the importance of keeping costs down for us so we can operate our business successfully.
This is by far a 5 star system! Give MVF a try you will be glad you did.
Kind Regards  
Dynasty Transport
JD Larson

March 2018

MC # 964870

 My Virtual Fleet has been the 12th man on the field helping us to operate our small business much like a large trucking company. This app has all the bells and whistles for the Carriers and the drivers. The ability to upload docs is a plus. What I value most is the great personal customer service.
Thanks from Executive Trucking LLC Management
Tabatha R.  Fields

April 2018

US Dot # 2892158

MC # 990025


My Virtual Fleet is definitely the real deal.  My Virtual Fleet have increased our fleet size with new qualified carriers every month.  Their team is easy to work with, very responsive and can get to carriers in hard to reach areas at great prices. 

I have been in the transport business for the last 20 years. My Virtual Fleet is the real deal. I would highly recommend them. 

Dec 2017

Peter Haljean  

Station Owner (MDW) MC # 600225

Platinum Cargo Logistics LLC

Plainfield, IL

I got two loads same day I signed up I was so excited. This is a very good system.  There are lots of loads all over the USA.  My drivers do not need to wait very long.

They specialized in Cargo Vans and Box trucks.
There is always someone available for customer service and they will get back to you the same day.

Sept 2017


Almaz Dedic, Owner MC# 740781

Southern Freight Express Inc.


The zip code to zip code and minimum required fields solution is great. I am impressed with My Virtual Fleet's ability to be flexible and provide almost on the fly solutions.

The load board has provided a new location to source capacity and so far these carriers are of better quality in terms of professionalism and experience.

If we had a need to use the included TMS I would not hesitate since it surpasses  many others I have used in this industry. I can tell it was built with  the expedited and courier market in mind

Keep up the great work . You really have something outstanding here.

Ryan Smith   
R & R Express Logistics Inc
MC #'s 297351 / 686931