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Expedited Sprinter Van Load Board

Whether you’re a broker, carrier, driver, or independent contractor, My Virtual Fleet offers truck load boards to increase your productivity and efficiency. Our load boards are essentially digital job boards so that you can constantly keep up to date and share your details with others.

Who We Serve

We work with you whatever your role is in the trucking industry.


Our truck load boards allow you to post to multiple load boards with a single entry. You can then access the thousands of highly qualified carriers from all over the country that work closely with My Virtual Fleet. This enables you to more efficiently reach the people you need to.


As a carrier, you shouldn’t be dependent on a single broker. Instead, use our truck load boards to bid on loads posted by a variety of brokers. Once you complete a job, you can immediately bid on and find another job so that you can increase your efficiency and find even more jobs.

Independent Contractor

Ease the communication between you and potential brokers and carriers by using My Virtual Fleet. Our load board helps you gain the legitimacy that you need to be taken seriously by potential employers. With our load boards, you can bid on jobs that brokers have posted, right alongside the carriers that bid for the jobs.

Increase your efficiency with our truck load boards.

How We Serve

Our comprehensive digital job board for the entire trucking industry helps you to increase your productivity.

In addition, we arrange our load boards into different categories to make the process as simple as possible when you’re looking for a truck or a job. Our specializations include:

  • Straight Truck
  • Cargo Van
  • Sprinter Van

Come to My Virtual Fleet for our full range of truck load boards. Call (760) 212 0015 or complete our online form today.