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Our Apps:


Our App is just like "Uber for trucking"

My Virtual Fleet will get you more work, jobs , loads.

Use My Virtual Fleet App (MvF App) and advertise your location and availability to over 3,000 Brokers and Carriers.  If you are a Company driver or Independent Contractor we can get you more work.  My Virtual Fleet App (MvF App) works with our Web Portal at


Who is the My Virtual Fleet App (MvF App) for ?

Drivers, IC’ s, Carriers, Dispatchers and Brokers, 3 pl's.


Who knows you are empty ?


You are a Driver, Company driver or Independent Contractor and you are empty. Who knows you are empty ? My Virtual Fleet App (MvF App) allows you to advertise your availability to your Dispatcher and over 5,000 Brokers and Carriers.  


The My Virtual Fleet App (MvF App) helps Carriers, Company Drivers and Independent Contractors get more loads. Drivers advertise their availability (Green or Red) and their location to your Dispatcher, as well as to Brokers and other Carriers.


If you are a company driver, the contact information will be that of your Dispatcher. If you are an IC the contact information will be your cell phone.  You can get more work by matching vehicle, location and availability with loads posted on our Website

Who is going to get the job ?


The Driver with live real time GPS Tracking in Google Earth or the Driver without ?  Use MvF App and give your Dispatcher or Customer live real time updates in Google Earth.  You can send your customer live status up dates and en-route updates every 15, 30 minutes or 1,2,3,4, hours. Present yourself as a professional with the Rolls Royce of tracking.


Who is going to get the work, the Driver with telephone updates or the driver with Live Google Earth e mail updates . Not only will your customers see where you are , but they can see the traffic and the weather where you are .


Carriers,and Brokers can quickly locate and check the availability of drivers that use the My Virtual Fleet App (MvF App) either your own drivers or other members. Carriers know where you are and whether you are available for work.

Drivers have full control over the My Virtual Fleet App (MvF App).


You can stop the tracking or change your status of availability whenever you want.


Dead Headings (empty return trips) / Spare Capacity

Drivers enter your Dead Headings directly from the (MvF App). You will be advertising your route to over 5,000 Brokers and Carriers . If they need you, they will either call your Dispatcher or you directly . Instead of having to call into a Dispatcher and hope they post your availability or Dead Headings, you can do it yourself, live in real time.


Receive Loads based on your location and vehicle attributes.

When a member advertises a load on the system and you are in the right area with the right sized vehicle, you or your dispatcher will automatically receive an email alert.


Dispatch System

Receive a booking directly to the (MvF App) with full details including; From, To, Contact names, addresses, and any special instructions. From the App drivers can “ Accept “ the load.


Status Updates

Update the booking on the MvF App. Update the App- Onsite (Pickup), Loaded ,Onsite (for Delivery), Delivered. As the driver updates the Booking email notifications will be sent to any 3 emails, live in Google Earth.


Upload the POD, BOL, Insurance documents through the app in an easy simple one click process.


E mail Alerts

You can automatically send the status update  and en-route updates to any 3 emails, live in Google Earth. Your customers can see live real time where you are, but also the weather and the traffic.


Web Portal (Companies only)


Status Updates

Dispatchers can manually update the drivers status if the driver has a bad signal -  Onsite (Pickup), Loaded ,Onsite (for Delivery). Dispatchers can also leave Drivers notes for the shift change that are available throughout the system.


Carriers can advertise a clear picture of their Fleet, Size, Capacity, Location and Availability to Brokers on a Google Map. Dispatchers can change the driver’s status and GPS location through Google Earth so you will get a clear picture of your fleet.  On behalf of Drivers, Carriers can add Dead Headings or spare capacity


Dead Headings

Head Office can enter your Dead Headings on behalf of Drivers from the Web portal. You will be advertising your route to over 5,000 Brokers and Carriers . If they need you they will either call your Dispatcher or you directly.


Live Availability Map

View your fleet and relevant loads all one screen using the Live Availability Map

Documents Compliance

Share your Driver’s Insurance, Vehicle Registration and Driver's Licence, MC Numbers and others with one click. Our System will monitor the documents expiration with a traffic light system, green, orange (about to expire) and red (expired).


Event Log

Each driver has an event log so we can make sure that the app is working and you will proof of each and every transaction through our system .


The (MvF App) is FREE to download and install, it works directly with the My Virtual Fleet Web Portal and requires a subscription.