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Get more work at the correct rate.


Small Cargo Vans, Sprinters, and Straight Trucks get their own exclusive load board. We will get you loads and make you more profitable.Get more work at the correct rate. We are the largest load board for Cargo VansSprinters and Straight Trucks. My Virtual Fleet can offer small Carriers thousands of loads at great prices.

Don't be bugged by HQ asking,  "Where are you now?"

Who knows if you are empty? Advertise to over 1,000 brokers. Let them see where you are and how much spare space you have. You are in charge.

Who will get the work? The Driver with tracking notification or the Driver without notification? Don’t just be a Man and a Van. Focus on being a professional with proper product differentiation. Your vehicle in that location with your professionalism will bring more work and more profits. Show that you are a serious player in your arena.

We are a shopping center and you are the inventory. Simply by using our app, you will let the brokers know who is available and unavailable.