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Make more profit, Increase efficiency, Get more Loads, Get more work

Benefits to You

- Inexpensive to use

- Easy to use and implement

- No contract to sign

- No special hardware needed; bring your own device (BYOD)

Benefits to Broker
  • Enter your load once and you can post to many boards.
  • Broker Load tracking with the driver signing into our app. Anyone can get live, real-time updates to any email address. We use Google earth so you can see the traffic and weather wherever the driver is.
  • Brokers can upload their Tier One carriers which are private and only available to your company.
  • Broadcast your loads to your private group.
  • Brokers can have a private or public load board.
  • Increase your Carrier base with quality members.
  • Eliminate double entry and typing errors by sending jobs directly to members using our system. This is called Virtual Fleet.
  • Get updates at a glance on the web.
  • Get the Proof of Delivery (POD) directly from the driver.
  • Invoice your Customer immediately; improving your cash flow.
  • We have an API to feed loads automatically onto our system.
  • Monitor and inspect Carrier’s documents on the fly.
Benefits to Carrier
  • Get more loads based on your fleet and location. Enter your minimum and maximum vehicles and pounds available. Enter the region or location and miles that you would be interested in.
  • Get more exposure to brokers you are not currently working with.
  • Get notification of only relevant freight and location.

Advertising dead headings 

  • Who knows if any of your vehicles are empty? By advertising your spare capacity on My Virtual fleet you allow over 3,000 brokers to see your available space.
  • We are a shopping center. The more you advertise your inventory the busier you will get.
  • Load up all your drivers, company or IC Drivers and let them advertise on your behalf.
  • Brokers can see a live Google Map as to where any of the spare capacity is.
  • Nobody can call your Drivers / IC ‘s. The only telephone number that is displayed is the Dispatcher number.  Your secret sauce is safe.


  • When you give the job to the driver, it will arrive in their app.
  • The Driver must accept the job using our app, establishing the arm’s length transaction.
  • Stop unnecessary calls asking,  “Where are you now? What’s the status of the job? How much further to go?”
  • As the driver changes the status the web portal will update. Emails will also go out to your customers Onsite, Loaded, Onsite for Delivery, POD.
  • When the job is complete, invoice your customer immediately and increase your cash flow.
  • Get a handle on your fleet, see live real-time where they are and what they are doing.
  • Send a driver a job from our system directly to their app.


  • Load up all your driver’s relevant documentation - Drivers license, Insurance and MC and DOT information.
  • Our system will notify you when the docs are about to expire and has expired.
  • When a job is complete the driver sends the POD to the Dispatcher. The POD is linked to the Load ID Number.
Benefits to Driver / Independent Contractor
  • Separate yourself from the fly by nighters and the professionals.  The driver with tracking and automatic notifications will get more jobs.
  • If they award you a job, it will go directly to your app where you can accept the job.  
  • Instead of having to answer annoying call of your whereabouts and your status. The app will be sending the relevant parties the information. 
  • You are in charge of your app. You can logout or change the status any time. By using our system the customers will be getting quality information on time. This will in turn lead to more work.   
  • Enter in your vehicle type, freight type and location or area you want to work. 
  • You will be notified by email if any loads meet your specifications. 
  • You can also go onto the Load Board and bid on any loads. 
  • The more you advertise on our system the more other Brokers and Carriers will see you are available. They can contact you directly.