Our customers feedback is very important to us. The question is often asked do you push a solution onto the market place or do you pull from the market place.  Our attitude is listen to market place. We conducted Joint application development sessions or JAD.  By listening to the market and taking a consensus will allow us to create a truly unique product.   

I posted a few loads today on Sylectus then on your site, My Virtual Fleet. I received more bids from your posting than on Sylectus. Just wanted you to know you're doing a great job on this. Hopefully you can have more brokers post jobs on your site so you can expand. 
Feb, 2017
Joshua C. Mezzacapo
Principal | National Logistics Network, LLC
Erie, PA | 16512 U.S.A


My Virtual Fleet is revolutionizing the expediting industry. As power brokers, this software makes our lives much, much easier while allowing 100% A-Z transparency to our customers.


April 2017

Eric Hoppe Director of Operations
Specialized Global Logistics.
802 Willow Run Airport | Ypsilanti, MI 48198




The zip code to zip code and minimum required fields solution is great. I am impressed with My virtual Fleets ability to be flexible and provide almost on the fly solutions.

The load board has provided a new location to source capacity and so far these carriers are of better quality in terms of professionalism and experience.
If we had a need to use the included TMS I would not hesitate since it surpasses  many others I have used in this industry. I can tell it was built with  the expedited and courier market in mind
Keep up the great work . You really have something outstanding here.
May 2017
Ryan Smith
R & R Express Logistics inc
MC #'s 297351 / 686931